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Pieces of Goddess Life

Ask me anything   This tumblr features vintage erotic photography (mostly Femdom and fetish), hypnotic animations, Goddess updates, and whatever strikes my fancy. I am a Hypnodomme, Humiliatrix, Fetish Queen; Deep Thinker and Art-Lover. Adult Concepts - 18+ Only!

Some of my sites (18+):

Hypnodomme Goddess Lycia
Lipstick Domme
Goddess Worship
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"Look me in the eyes. See that sadistic look in my eyes? That means I find you attractive."
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dantesin asked: Hello there, and good after noon Beautiful Goddess. I would love to learn more on the subject of Hypnosis and Hypnodommies. Whilst getting to learn more about the subject all together. It has been something that never stops crossing one mind, Just giving into the will and giving it to some one else. It's like a spine tingling feeling.


I recommend checking out the earlier articles I posted at the Hypnodomme Worship Zone. You will have to go back several pages to get to them, but you might catch some items of interest along the way.

I also recommend the Inraptured Femdom hypnosis community, which includes forums providing a wealth of information on the topic.

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INITIATE BIONIC – The Official PREMIERE!! (Dadaist FAUVIST mind control ART) →

NEW POST at Goddess Worship by the Beautiful, Intelligent, and Artistic Femdom Goddess DIAMOND DIVA PRINCESS!

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"Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you’ll never, ever get it out."

Thomas Cardinal Wolsey 

You’ve been warned. Now go SHOP!

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